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Battle of Chalons tactic

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Battle of Chalons tactic Empty Battle of Chalons tactic

Post by Denis_Hofnarr Tue Jun 21, 2022 9:54 am

Good evening to all participants of the Chalons battlefield. I would like to address a few points that we should consider as we enter the battlefield. If you have any questions about this, I ask you to discuss and clarify them in the alliance chat.
As in the Battle of Constantinople or Gaugamela, the game is about occupying buildings, killing enemies and monsters. However, this time we have 3 opponents instead of just one. This can have positive as well as negative effects. On the negative side, we have three enemies to deal with. The positive thing is that the enemy doesn't have time to worry about us alone either, but has to deal with two other alliances.
But now to the most important points I observed in the last battle.

1. We must first try to occupy and keep at least one portal to secure the chance of teleporters. It is incredibly important that we teleport back and forth pointlessly and waste the teleporter!

2. Please scout the occupied buildings beforehand, the enemy will try to occupy and hold them. When the enemy is too strong for you. Please share the scouting report into the group and see if the enemy stays in the building. (I noticed last battle that you shared a lot of battle reports with empty buildings that you could have taken back on your own. The occupation changes every few minutes in the war.

3. If you have 5 marches, ghost the first four with all troops and the last march with only a few troops. You recall this last troop from ghosting if you want to take back an empty building. Then you only have a few injuries and can heal them immediately.

4. Please don't try to go for the strong opponents. We have 1 alliance that is smaller than our total strength, points can be scored here. But please only if it's worth it, remember we don't have many teleporters! If we can no longer move, it is very difficult to escape from this situation again.

I can only remove a certain number of troops from buildings. I can't do more than 1.5 million troops by t13. If you scout and pass it on remember we have other buildings to worry about emptying. A big enemy can dominate with his troops but he can't occupy every building and if he has the troops in a building he can't move and teleport at that moment.

I know it's a lot of information and it's hard to explain but I hope you can relate to some of it.

Communication is very important! If you can't be reached via chat this time, you won't be able to participate in the future!

We should either gather centrally or each of us should station near one or more buildings to observe.
It's a group game so please work together as a squad.

Good luck 🍀

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