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Battle of Gaugamela „BoG” Tactic

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Battle of Gaugamela „BoG” Tactic Empty Battle of Gaugamela „BoG” Tactic

Post by Denis_Hofnarr Tue Jun 21, 2022 9:52 am

Important tactical information for the battle of Constantinople and Gaugamela

Dear brave warriors, I noticed that there are still players among us who don't follow all the rules of the battle of Constantinople and Gaugamela. I would like to summarize some important information for you.

there are passive points! It brings the most points for the alliance

1. you get the most points by occupying the portals or buildings. you are not allowed to leave it, you should stay at the portal and ghost yourself and only use one march for occupying it and be careful that it is not taken or occupied by the enemy.
The more troops occupy the building and the longer they stay in the building in one piece without removing them, the more points you get!

Attention ⚠

you only get a few points if you constantly teleport from portal to portal and only occupy it for a short time and leave it immediately and teleport away.

2. Reinforce other portals or buildings already occupied by members with your troops. this also gives you points, although not as many as if you occupied a building yourself. If the enemy attacks this building and the main occupier leaves the building, you will automatically return as well.

! but be careful!

Of course, occupying only works in a balanced battle with enemies who are as strong or lighter than you and who are either equal or outnumbered.

!please note !

if the enemy is bigger, another tactic must be used.


actively score

3. you get points by attacking enemy castles and attacking enemy occupied portals and buildings.

It's always easier to weaken a bigger enemy by driving them out of the portals and emptying their march in the buildings.

think about whether you can start an alliance war against a big enemy against the portal or building and drive him out together.

attacking empty or ghosted enemies is worth few points and costs time and teleporters.

Of course, these hints shouldn't just be used to just stand around, but you should think carefully about how you can score points beforehand.

! Danger! The most important !

it's no use taking the locks out of your alliance members' noses! in this way, the member can only strengthen the castle and receives fewer points than if he or she were occupied directly. it's not fair if you teleport away immediately after entering the portal or building... the alliance also receives fewer points in the overall score.


Only take the buildings if another member is already there and you:

a) also want to occupy it and stay there

b) your alliance member is too weak to take it themselves

c) be asked for help

d) it is hopeless anyway to win the fight otherwise.

It is still very important and crucial that we communicate in chat throughout the battle and share everything that is relevant.
Customer reports help the big players to attack quickly.

going it alone and egoists are not welcome. It's a team game and tactics together are very important.

I hope I was able to help you and you understand what I mean. if you don't have any questions let me know.

Have fun playing.

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