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Capture Barbarian Castle

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Capture Barbarian Castle Empty Capture Barbarian Castle

Post by Denis_Hofnarr Thu Jun 23, 2022 5:34 pm

Hello dear Alliance,

I would like to give you a few useful hints regarding the barbarian castles in order to be able to take them safely and with few losses as well as with as many points as possible.

Important !

Capture a Barbarian Castle by sight only!
Teleport next to the castle before attacking and make sure no other alliance is already occupying it.

It can lead to penalties and high compensation if not adhered to.

And now let's start...

The first thing you should do is look at the barbarian castle on "Detail".
There you can see the "Total performance" in the top right corner.
This tells you how much troop power is in the castle. You should make sure that it is under your own general power.
Next, look at the "Troop Buff" below, this is what determines the additional strength of the troops in the Castle.
Here, too, you have to make sure that this buff doesn't outperform your own so much.
You can activate your additional buff in your castle at the "City Buff" to get more strength or march size.
Always scout out a barbarian castle beforehand to find out how many of which troops are in it. Adjust your march according to their troops.

If you attack a large castle together in a group, the one with the largest knight's hall should always make the second attack to occupy the castle, so that enough members can fit in. Here it is advisable to always join with your strongest troops with the appropriate general.

Important !!! After the successful attack please do not storm directly into the castle!!!! Wait for the biggest of your group to open it!
The size of the first squatter is critical to the size of the entire cast. If a small member occupies the castle first after the attack then not all of them will fit in the castle!!!

In order to maintain sufficient march size, only send in the highest leveled troops. Activates your march size buff and your monarch's march size ability.

You can also see the minimum size of the march for the occupation of the barbarian castle in the "details" of the castle under the point "lowest required strength for the siege". You have to consider when sending that the power of the general will still be deducted. So transmitter the minimum requirement of the troops.
Of course, so much the better if you send more, up to the size of the "maximum power required". This is how you get the most points!
IMPORTANT!! Do not send too many troops than the maximum displayed there, so that your fellow players can still find space in the castle!

For a large march size, researching in the academy and upgrading the assembly point is very important!

I wish you a lot of fun hunting :-)

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